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I am Jennifer Williams founder of New Wave Design and I am a dedicated business consultant, coach, digital marketer and web designer with over 20 years of experience under my belt. I love what I do and it shows. We would be honored to work on your project.

We specialize in consulting business owners and entrepreneurs on how to crush their competition and increase profits.We teach them to learn a fast and easy way to build their business and brand by uncovering the best digital marketing strategies that will allow them to run their business in a way that represents who they truly are, build the business of their dreams and position themselves and their business as the authority in their industry.

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years assisting them in generating results for their business. We are very passionate about assisting clients in growing their businesses and see a return on investment as well as distributing ideas that can be executed right away for instant results.

We do this by facilitating group and individual business coaching sessions that will help clients design and execute digital marketing and communication strategies.

Our clients classify us as a one stop business solution as we combine many talents from being great listeners and problem solvers, a keen eye for design and marketing savvy all while giving excellent customer service!

What We Believe

New Wave Design believes website design is more about strategy that brings in results and less about how pretty your site is. This is the main reason we have focused on strategies that bring in results first.

We all know the main reason you are looking at getting a website or having your current site redone is to get more traffic for your business. You want this traffic to turn into leads and then convert these leads to paying customers and or clients. You want to learn how to cultivate these customers/clients to bring in higher profits.  

It’s only right that we approach website design with these elements in mind; these elements have worked for many other business owners just like you. So what are these elements you ask?

  1. Leads/traffic (to attract customers/clients).
  2. Conversion (to change visitors to leads).
  3. Cultivate (get those leads into paying customers/clients).

Now put all this together with a desire to teach our clients in a way they understand, it’s easy to see how we have been around for so long! Our 99% client retention rate speaks for itself. So come link up with us, once you do we are sure you will stick around.

What Your Business Needs

You need lead producing digital marketing mechanism, not just a regular website. This mechanism needs to work 24/7 to deliver your business new customers and keep your existing ones coming back for more. New Wave Design helps our clients uncover the best marketing strategies that will deliver results.

"Jennifer is the full-package. She combines great tech savvy with awesome communication and reliability. I could really trust her to meet deadlines, and do exactly what she said she was going to do. On top of all of that, Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a fantastic addition to your team."

Doug Van Buskirk


New Wave Design is about building partnerships with our clients to assist them in achieving their business and personal goals. We are about assisting businesses like yours plot, design, maintain and implement their online presence

FREE Website Audit!

Not happy with your current website? New Wave Design can here is to help! We can take a look at your current site from top to bottom and we can give you some pointers, on how you can improve. Our audit typically assesses your visuals, calls to action, content and more. Why not get your FREE complementary website audit, on how to improve your website conversions. and see if your website measures up!

About Us

We’re a professional business, website design and marketing consultancy based in North Carolina, serving local and national clients.

If you need help with your next project and want to take your business to the next level, please give me a call 980.202.3106.

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Monday - Friday 9 am -5 pm EST.

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